Friday, September 6, 2013

Four Friday Favorites (6-9)

Photo 1 and 4, Photo 2, Photo 3 by me
Favorites time!
1. Favorite dress: Jessica Szohr's dress
Jessica wore this very cute One Dress A Day's Dublin dress while out in Los Angeles. I really like the shoulder details.
2. Favorite interior: Cameron Diaz's living room
I saw some photo's of Cameron Diaz's Manhattan apartment on the website and i thought that her living room looked very pretty.
3. Favorite book: 'Summerland' by Elin Hilderbrand 
Spoiler alert!
Yesterday I finished reading this book and I enjoyed reading it. 'Summerland' is a book about a group of people in Nantucket. On graduation day, some students get into a horrible car crash (leaving one girl dead and her twin brother in a coma). The rest of the book is about the lives of the family and friends of these students after that car crash. Bit by bit, truths are revealed about all the people that are involved.
4. Favorite haircut: Ashley Benson's hair
My hair was very long and when I saw this photo of Ashley, I thought: I want that hair! So this afternoon I went to the hairdresser and got my hair cut; now it is a little bit shorter than Ashley's.

Did you have a favorite dress or book this week?


  1. Mooi jurkje! Leuke combi met de schoenen ook. Ik vind het verder ook heerlijk om celebrity interieuren te bekijken op een luie zaterdag als vandaag ;)