Sunday, June 15, 2014

Outfit inspiration: Girly dress + sneakers

Photo's by H&M, Keds, Vans
On the WhoWhatWear-website I read this article about style tips for summer. My favorite was tip #1: Pair a girly dress with lace-up sneakers (like Taylor Swift). It's such a fun and accessible look for summer.


  1. I agree! This is a great look for the summer :)

  2. Love the girly dress paired with a casual, laid back sneaker. So cute!

  3. Great post,love!You have an amazing blog.Following you via GFC now,hope you'll do the same!:)

    xoxo Antonella!!

  4. I love wearing my converse with girly dresses! Great post.

    Hannah x

  5. Ahh ik heb nog een perfect jurkje nodig.. dit weekend ga ik op vakantie dus ga eens in het buitenland een mooi jurkje zoeken! :)

  6. I love this combo! Have you seen the movie Endless Love? She wore dresses with sneakers a ton in the movie and I was obsessed!

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    just let me know ♥
    love from Poland :)

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