Friday, January 11, 2013

TV Series: Pretty Little Liars

A few days ago season 3 of Pretty Little Liars continued in the USA. In episode 14 (She's Better Now) Mona is released from the sanitarium and returns to school. I just watched this episode and here are my thoughts.
It starts with Mona being in Hanna's house, she wants Hanna's help. You also see Toby riding in a car and trying to hit a skateboarder. Lucas can't walk that well (was he the one that Aria attacked when she was in the box in the Halloween episode? (omg that Halloween-episode was so good!)), he says it is from a skating accident (the one that Toby caused?). At the end Jason turns out to have a wound and Mona helps him (so Jason was 'stabbed' by Aria then?). And if that wasn't confusing enough, Aria's dad acts weird too.

Are you excited for PLL to be back? What are your thoughts on episode 14?


  1. Ik moet nog steeds beginnen met seizoen 1! Wordt hoogstens tijd, haha.
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    1. Haha, als je van spannende series houdt moet je PLL zeker snel gaan kijken!