Wednesday, January 2, 2013

TV Series: 90210 (season 5)

A few days ago, i watched the latest episode 'The things we do for love' (season 5) of 90210.
Since we have to wait until the end of January for a new episode, i thought it might be a good idea to tell you my ideas about this season so far.
I have been watching 90210 since the beginning and i must say, i am getting a bit tired of the weird storylines: they are twenty-year-olds who deal with a lot of mature problems. I'm sad they have no big storylines about 'college'. Liam sets his bar ('The Offshore') on fire because Vanessa blackmails him, later she falls of their balcony and Liam gets into a relationship with a teacher, Lindsey. Navid shows the sex-tape of Liam and Lindsey because he is jealous. Dixon gets into a car accident and starts his own recordlabel. Adrianna hooks up with Taylor, then tries to avoid him while she gets back with Dixon, and at the end of the season she thinks Dixon is going to propose to her. Silver has her 'baby-problems': she wants Teddy to be the father, which Shane (Teddy's boyfriend) isn't to happy with. Her naked photos are leaked and she tries burlesque dancing. Naomi and Max are a couple, or at least trying to be. Alec, Max's businesspartner is not happy with their relationship and gets Max fired, because he is in love with Max. Annie gets into a relationship with Riley. And at the end ,Vanessa turns out to be alive.

Overall, i did enjoy watching the episodes, but i do not really like the storylines anymore.

What are your thoughts on this season?

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