Tuesday, January 8, 2013

TV Series: Gossip Girl (season 6)

Recently i watched all the episodes of season 6 of Gossip Girl in one day. And i have to say, i am very sad it is over now. For the last couple of years, Gossip Girl was my go-to show to watch. Here are my thoughts about this last season:

It all begins with Dan and Georgina who team up for Dan's book. Meanwhile, Serena is lost and her friends go looking for her. They find her at a big house, where she lives with her new boyfriend, Steven. Also, Blair is busy taking over her mother's fashion-line and Chuck tries to find out more about his father's secrets and starts hanging out with Amira. Nate meets a girl named Sage, who later turns out to be Steven's daughter. And Ivy gets close to Rufus and eventually they start dating. But later Ivy seems to be dating William as well. When Serena's relationship with Steven ends, she gets back together with Dan. Chuck gets into a fight with his dad and his dad dies. At the end, it is revealed that Dan is Gossip Girl and Chuck and Blair get married.

The season ends with a scene were we see that Chuck and Blair have a son and Dan and Serena are getting married. Also Nate runs for mayor, Georgina and Jack are a couple and so are Lily and William and Rufus and Lisa.

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Overall i think this season was great! I do not think it is the best season, but it kept me interested: there were a lot of WTF?-moments! And what i think about Dan being Gossip Girl? I don't know....... But i like that Blair and Chuck, and Serena and Dan ended up together.

This season i really loved Blair- and Serena their hairstyles and make-up. I liked Blair's updo's and/or headbands and i love how Serena wears big earrings.

What did you think of this season of Gossip Girl? Did you expect Dan to be GG?

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