Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Book Review: I heart Hollywood

In this book (the second one in the 'I heart-series'), Angela is sent to Los Angeles to interview James Jacobs (a famous British actor). Her NYC-friend Jenny decides to go with her for the week. Once the girls are in LA, James seems to be very nice to Angela, despite his bad reputation. And when some paparazzi catches Angela and James together, rumours start that the two are dating. Angela has to convince her boss Mary and her boyfriend Alex that the rumours are not true. But then Angela catches James and his assistant Blake kissing in the bathroom of a club and she does not know what to do, since her boss liked the idea that James and Angela are dating. Eventually Angela convinces James to do an interview about him being gay and that interview becomes a success. But what happens with her relationship with Alex and her friendship with Jenny?
About a week ago i finished reading this book and i liked it. Although the bad sides of  'Hollywood' get more attention then the good ones, you get a nice idea of how it is to be in Los Angeles. The storylines were good, although i expected a different story.

Do you have any recommendations for books i should read?

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