Thursday, January 17, 2013

TV Series: The Carrie Diaries (first episode)

A few days ago The Carrie Diaries premiered in the USA and ofcourse i had to watch it. Although i haven't seen all the Sex and The City episodes, i am interested in Carrie's life before SATC. The show focuses on Carrie's teenage years: She is a 16-year-old girl, who lives in Connecticut and has to deal with the death of her mother, her sister being rebellious and her father caring for two teenage girls. Then Carrie a chance to intern at a law firm in Manhattan, which she gladly accepts.
I just saw the first episode and i liked it. I like AnnaSophia Robb, although she doesn't look like Sarah Jessica Parker. I do have to get used to the clothes, i find them a bit weird. As for the storylines, i can't say to much, since we are only one episode in. But what i can tell you, is that i look forward to episode two (and three...and four).

Did you watch the first episode of TCD? And did you like the episode?

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