Saturday, January 5, 2013

TV Series: Glee (season 4)

Last week i had a 'Glee-marathon' (i watched all of the episodes of season 4 in one day)! And because we have to wait until the end of january for new episodes, i wanted to share my thoughts about this season.
This season follows the students at McKinley High School (Blaine, Artie, Sam, Tina and Brittany), who are joined by some new faces (Wade, Marley and Jake). They compete to be the next Rachel and start a production of Grease. Artie and Finn (who quits the army) lead the Grease production and  graduates Mercedes, Santana and Mike come back to help them. Of course there is some competition for the roles of Danny (Jake and Ryder) and Sandy (Marley and Kitty). And at some point Will decides to go to Washington, DC and asks Finn to take over the Glee-club. Meanwhile, Jake and Ryder both like Marley, and Blaine wonders why he left the Warblers. For the preparation for Sectionals, graduates Quinn and Puck come back. At the end, Sam and Brittany are getting along very well and admit that they have feelings for each other.

And then there are Rachel and Kurt: Rachel begins at NYADA in NYC, where she meets Brody (and sparks fly!) and starts classes with Kate Hudson’s-character. Kurt decides to live with her because he starts an internship at, where he works for Sarah Jessica Parker’s-character.

I am a little disappointed with the songs this season. I find that they did not do much 'billboard charts songs'. My favorite songs this season were Call me maybe, 3, Give your heart a break (amazing duet by Rachel and Brody!), Teenage dream, The Scientist and Some nights.

Overall i really enjoyed watching this season, and i like that (most of) the storylines are age-approriate (unlike the storylines in 90210)

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