Friday, March 7, 2014

Four Friday Favorites (7-3)

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This week just flew by so fast. It's time for my weekly favorites again.
1. Favorite dress: Stefanie Scott
How cute is this striped dress that Stefanie Scott wore to an event on February 28th?
2. Favorite make-up looks: Reese Witherspoon
I love these two make-up looks that Reese wore this week. To the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards, she wore dark eye make-up with a nude lipstick, and to the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party she wore a simple eye make-up look with a bright pink lipstick.
3. Favorite style-tip: 10-second styling tips every woman should know
This week, I read an article on the WhoWhatWear-website about 10-second styling tips. My favorite? Wear your scarf untied, match your lips, bag and coat, and belt your coat. Click here for the whole article.
4. Favorite fashion-tips: 10 weird fashion tips only insiders know
On the Elle-website I read this article on weird fashion tips. Like when you have a scratch in leather, rub a tiny bit of moisturizer into the scratch until the scratch is gone. Click here for the whole article.


  1. I love reese have done since legally blonde! She always has such a fresh simple look that is so natural and uncomplicated :)

    Lovely post :)
    H, xo

  2. Reese! So fresh faced and beautiful.

  3. Great post :) Thanks for the tip about leather, I'll definitely be looking that up! :)x
    The Belle Narrative

  4. Great links!! Reese always looks so fresh and young, love the post :)


  5. Thanks for sharing your favourites, it’s always interesting to see what other people like. It shows just how diverse fashion can be.

  6. That Elle article was amazing! Who knew ketchup could clean jewelry! This is one I'll definitely have to try!