Friday, March 14, 2014

Four Friday Favorites (14-3)

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Can you believe it's favorites time again?
1. Favorite look: Georgia May Foote
Georgia May Foote looked amazing in a black jumpsuit (or a black lace top and black pants?). She paired it with black heels, a red clutch and red lipstick
2. Favorite tip: 14 items every woman should have in her purse
Mints, concealer, hand cream, lip balm, cash, hair tie ... do you have these items in your bag? Visit the WhoWhatWear-website to find out if you have the 14 'necessary' items in your bag.
3. Favorite how-to: How to master the Olsens look
Who doesn't like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen their style? On the Marie Claire-website I read an article about how to master the Olsens look: hair and make-up! Click here for the article.
4. Favorite hairstyle: Looped ponytail
I like ponytails and I'm always looking for different 'versions' of the ponytail. So I was happy to find this tutorial on the looped ponytail. Click here for the article.

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  1. Love the red lipstick and the looped ponytail. I actually wear my hair like that a lot!