Friday, January 3, 2014

Four Friday Favorites (3-1)

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Here are my favorites of the week.

1. Favorite color: Bright pink
Although it's not a color for this time of year, I just love the bright pink color of Eva's dress.
2. Favorite must-have: Leather pants
Leather pants are everywhere. A lot of celebrities have been wearing them, and when I read an article on the WhoWhatWear-website about 'the 5 winter wardrobe staples', I noticed that they talked about the leather pants too. However, I'm still not sure about this trend. Click here for the whole article.
3. Favorite accessory: Cheryl Cole's sunglasses
How cool do these sunglasses look? They are by Cutler & Gross, and I wish I had a good reason to buy them. Unfortunately I live in The Netherlands and we won't be needing sunglasses in the winter.
4. Favorite article: Ways to always look put together.
The people from WhoWhatWear shared 7 tips to always look put together. Their tips include 'pair sleek heels with an understated outfit' and 'slip on a pair of sunnies'. But my favorite tip is: 'add a chic scarf to your look'. Click here for the whole article.


  1. those sunglasses are fantastic!! but i also dont wear sunglasses during the winter! haha
    happy weekend!
    xx Corinne

  2. Nice Inspirations!!!