Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday special: 4 ways to wear: a Christmas sweater

Sweater, Scarf, Nailpolish, Bag, Sneakers, Jeans, Watch, Lipstick, Bag, Boots, Jeans
On Thursday, I talked about Christmas sweaters. And because it can be difficult to wear them without looking silly, here are 4 ways to rock that Christmas sweater.

For a casual day, you can pair your favorite Christmas sweater with some boyfriend jeans, a pair of comfy sneakers and a big bag. If you're hanging out with friends, you can wear your sweater with a pair of black jeans, chic boots and a nice watch.

Sweater, Earrings, Lipstick, Skirt, Nailpolish, Heels, Clutch, Lipstick, Clutch, Skirt, Boots, Tights
For a chic (and work appropriate) party look, you can pair your Christmas sweater with a pencil skirt, some nice heels and some red lipstick. Spending the day with family? Then you can wear your sweater with a skirt, some tights and a pair of boots.

Are you planning on wearing a Christmas sweater this year?

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  1. Ik vind echt alle combis heel mooi :) En het skaterrokje wil ik echt graag hebben nu :)

    Femke van