Friday, October 4, 2013

Four Friday Favorites (4-10)

Photo's 1 & 2, Photo 3
It's Friday, so here are my favorites of this week.
1. Favorite day: Wednesday
Wednesday was my favorite day of the week, because it was my birthday! I went to my parents' house to celebrate it with them, and later I went out for drinks with some friends.
2. & 3. Favorite OMG-moments: Louis Vuitton runway show & Marc Jacobs' goodbye
The Louis Vuitton runway show also took place on Wednesday. I saw the show online and noticed a lot of feathers, black and blue jeans; not the most typical items for spring and summer. But the whole show (the fountain, the carrousel, the elevators and the escalators) looked amazing! Unfortunately, after the show I heard that it was Marc Jacobs' last show for Louis Vuitton. I was sad because his shows for Louis Vuitton were always so original.
4. Favorite perfume: Gucci Guilty
Last week I bought a new 'fall perfume', Gucci Guilty. It's a bit heavier than the perfumes I usually wear, but I really liked the scent and have been wearing it ever since.


  1. I loved the Louis Vuitton fashion show too! Absolutely breathtaking!
    I really like your blog. Could you maybe check out mine? I'm only getting started after two years.

  2. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had the best day!