Friday, April 25, 2014

Four Friday Favorites (25-4)

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So this week just flew by! It's time for my favorites again.
1. Favorite dress: Kate Middleton
Kate wore an amazing blue dress when she visited Australia on April 20th. I love the color of the dress.
2. Favorite accessory: Small cross-body bag
Recently I noticed that a lot of celebrities carrying smaller bags. On the WhoWhatWear-website they showed a lot of outfits with a small cross-body bag, which is great for inspiration. Click here for the article.
3. Favorite recipes: 50 tastiest summer cocktails
Since it's Spring, I'm starting to look for great spring and summer cocktails. On the Marie Claire-website I read an article about the 50 tastiest summer cocktails, and some of them sound very good. Click here for the article.
4. Favorite style-tip: 12 ways to style your basic skinny jeans
I love wearing my skinny jeans. And for those of you who need some outfit-inspiration, here is a great article from the WhoWhatWear-website. Click here for the article.


  1. Kate's dress IS amazing! love the color.

  2. Kate Middleton, loved that dress.

  3. Great post. I love the 50 cocktails