Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thursday's top 5: Plaid scarves

plaid scarves

Plaid is a big trend this fall and winter. First it was the plaid shirt, now it's the plaid scarf. Lately a lot of bloggers and celebrities are wearing plaid scarves.

Scarf 1, Scarf 2, Scarf 3, Scarf 4, Scarf 5
Because most people wear a black coat in the fall and winter, a plaid scarf can give your outfit a bit of color. You could choose a red plaid scarf, for a cool and edgy look. For a more chic look, I would choose a blue/green plaid scarf.

Do you own a plaid scarf?


  1. Ze zijn leuk! ik had een perfecte bij de zara zien liggen, maar hem niet gedaan, toch wel erg jammer dat ik hem nu niet heb..!

  2. Loving the look o that one from Vila. I don't own a plaid scarf, but have been looking for the right one.