Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Style Spotlight: Ashley Tisdale

Today (July 2nd) is Ashley's birthday. So I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at her style, because i have always loved Ashley's style (and she has an amazing handbag-collection).
In the picture above are some of Ashley's outfits that she wore this year. She wore this first outfit while she was out in West Hollywood on April 5th. She wore a sleeveless denim jacket, a white top, a pair of baggy jeans and some boots. The second outfit Ashley wore to an event on May 15th: she wore jeans with a t-shirt and a beige jacket. On April 18th Ashley wore a pair of black shorts and a grey top. She paired it with a big white bag. The fourth outfit Ashley wore while she was out in Los Angeles on June 19th. She paired her sleeveless denim jacket with jeans and some red boots. On June 4th Ashley wore a pair of white pants with a bright pink sweater. Ashley wore the sixth outfit on June 22nd while she was at Studio City.

These are outfits that Ashley wore in 2012. That was the year that i loved her spring/summer outfits. On July 25th she wore a pair of white jeans with a beige shirt and a big black bag. When she was in Toluca Lake on October 29th, she wore a big white tanktop with jeans and a big red bag. Ashley wore a casual and comfortable outfit when she was at Studio City on November 29th. On July 27th Ashley went to the Grove wearing a denim top, some leather pants and a bright blue bag. She wore a denim shirt with a white top, white jeans and a bright blue bag on May 30th when she was at West Hollywood. On June 24th Ashley wore a top with Aztec print and a pair of white shorts. A few days later Ashley paired a pair of shorts with Aztec print with a beige sweater.

And these outfits are from 2008-2011. On December 11th 2008, Ashley wore a grey cardigan, white top, grey jeans and black Ugg's. Ashley wore a denim jacket and a white top and skirt, on May 2nd 2009. I loved this third outfit so much that i ordered that same navy Abercrombie & Fitch cardigan! Ashley also had a grey version of this cardigan; she wore that one on February 27th 2009. She paired it with a white top and a pair of jeans. On September 22nd 2009 Ashley wore a pair of denim shorts, a beige top and a camel bag. A month later, Ashley wore a denim jacket with a fun skirt and brown boots. On March 1st 2011 Ashley wore this cute outfit while she was out shopping in Beverly Hills. She paired her sleeveless denim jacket with a grey t-shirt and a floral skirt.

What do you think of Ashley's style? And what is your favorite outfit?


  1. Geweldige outfits! Meestal lekker casual, maar toch altijd stylish!

    Liefs, Jennifer

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  2. Stunning outfits!


  3. you're right ; she has loads of good stuff and the handbags too. My fave ; second row down on the left. Ripped white jean, off white blouse with the cream buckled ChloƩ boots.


  4. I love her style I love Vanessa Hudgend's "old" style too. A few years ago ♥

    1. I love Vanessa Hudgens her old style too :)

  5. Great style and I love her legs!

    -Maddy @ www.BeautyBanterBlog.com