Saturday, June 22, 2013

Book Review: Revenge wears Prada

'The Devil wears Prada' is definitely one of my favorite movies of all time. I have seen it over twenty times and i have read the book a few times too. So i was very excited when i heard that there was going to be a sequel! I immediately ordered the book, and in the meantime i read some reviews that were not all good (some called it boring). Last monday i could finally start reading 'Revenge wears Prada'.
Spoiler Alert!

The book starts about ten years after Andy Sachs quit her job at Runway magazine. A lot has happened since then: Andy and Alex broke up and Lily moved away. Also, Andy and Emily (who also worked at Runway Magazine) became friends and have started a high-end bridal magazine called 'The Plunge', and Andy married Max, a successful business man. After a few years, 'The Plunge' is doing so well, that even 'Runway'-publisher Elias Clark (where Miranda Priestly works) is interested in them. Of course that causes some problems between Andy and Emily, and between Andy and Max.

In my opinion, this book was not as exciting as 'The Devil wears Prada'. Although there are a few big things happening in this book (pregnancy and betrayal), it is not quite as interesting as the first book. It is just a book about Andy's life after working at Runway magazine and how she juggles her family and her work at the same time. 'Revenge wears Prada' is well written, but predictable. The 'big event' of the book happens almost at the end of the book (chapter 21) and the ending of the book was not that surprising.
Overall i did enjoy reading this book, but i was a little disappointed in the story.

Have you read 'Revenge wears Prada' already? What are your opinions about it?


  1. I am currently reading this book. I can see where your coming from. I also found myself getting a little annoyed with Andy and how she thinks. But that's just me.


  2. I literally just watched Devil Wears Prada yesterday, and was talking about how I wish there was a sequel! Such a perfect post. Thank you for letting me know :) definitely going to read it (I skipped your post cus you had 'spoiler alert' on your post hahaha
    Anyways, hope you have a great week :)

    - Karen