Friday, May 3, 2013

Kristen Stewart: Glamour UK's Best Dressed Woman of 2013

Glamour UK has chosen Kristen Stewart to be their Best Dressed Woman of 2013. When i read this, i was like: WHAT?
I haven't got the magazine yet, so i do not know why they chose Kristen, but i have to admit that i do not really understand it.
On the red carpet Kristen wears pretty dresses, but i do not like her street style at all. I find it very casual and boyish.
In the top 5 are also Emma Watson (no. 2), Kate Middleton (no. 3), Emma Stone (no. 4) and Taylor Swift (no. 5). Although, they probably wouldn't be in my top 5 of best dressed women of 2013, i do like a lot of the outfits these woman wear.

When i saw the whole list, these ones were the ones i find remarkable: No. 23 Kim Kardashian, no. 28 Jessica Alba, no. 36 Lauren Conrad, no. 38 Miranda Kerr and no. 48 Jennifer Lawrence. I would like to know why Jessica, Lauren and Jennifer are ranked that low. I think they have a great casual style and Jessica and Jennifer have a great red carpet style as well. Click here for the Glamour UK link.

What do you think about Kristen being Glamour UK's best dressed woman of 2013?


  1. I can't believe it too! why would they choose kristen? they are many other fabulous celebrities that have wonderful style! that's strange but anyway you have a really nice blog!

  2. Wat... waarom Kristen? Lauren Conrad ofzo is veel leuker gekleed! liefs.

  3. tell me about it ! don't like the lady anyways, always looking so bored and can't obviously smile (or dress up). I don't understand why people seem to like her so much. o_O

  4. Although she does have her own sense of style, I do not see her as the best dressed woman of the year either, great post!