Sunday, March 17, 2013

Book review: I heart London

Last week i finished reading the last book of the 'I heart'-series by Lindsey Kelk.
In this book, Angela decides to go home to London for her mother's birthday, but is not excited about going there. So Alex and Jenny decide to come with her. Questions are, will Angela run into Mark (her ex-boyfriend)? Will Louisa and Jenny (London best friend and NY best friend) get along? And will Angela's parents like Alex? Also, Angela needs to go to a meeting in London for her new magazine, Gloss, and of course that is not going well. And when a wedding is planned, everything goes wrong with that too.

Since this is the last book of the series and i have been to London before, i had high hopes for this book. Unfortunately i was (again) dissapointed with the fact that the story was all 'wedding stuff' and not much 'London sightseeing'. The story is nice (a bit expected), but entertaining.

Overall, i liked reading the 'I heart'-series. If you like reading about the life of a clumpsy, twenty-something year-old girl who lives in New York and dates a musician, this is a great series for you. However, don't think that because the books have different city-names, it is a travelling-story.

What book of book-series can you recommened to me?

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